Donnerstag, 27. November 2008


Coming from America, where health care for everyone is still a hope of the future, I couldn't believe that in Germany, there's a thing called "Kur." As far as I can tell, when you need some kind of long-term therapy, they send you off to some lovely little city snuggled in European scenery, to an amazing spa--for several weeks. I've heard of people going there after surgery or a heart attack; one friend of mine was there for her eczema; others have gone for physical therapy. You have a heated room and a pool, three meals a day . . . and this is fully covered by insurance.

Is it just me, or does this sound almost like "paid-for vacation" to someone else, too?

Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

*Knaben and Mädchen*

Schools in Germany used to have a separate door for the "Knaben" (boys) and the "Mädchen" (girls). They still have the doors marked, but they aren't limited to those people.

Donnerstag, 13. November 2008


I'm letting Jasmine do the talking this week.

See here.

It's true. Those strollers are insanely amazing.

Donnerstag, 6. November 2008

*Cars in Good Repair*

Cars here never look old and beat up. It was a rather eery feeling when I first noticed it. There aren't missing rear view mirrors or smashed in bumpers. There aren't even crumples on the side of doors. When I was reading up a bit in preparation for my trip to Switzerland (where I was the only driver), I read that there's a thing called the "TÜV" that checks cars and they have to be in really good shape or they don't pass the test. In America, a car with a smashed bumper (ahem, Sequoia) may just stay that way if no one wants to pay for it.
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