Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

*American Tourists*

If you want to spot American tourists in Germany, just look for the guy wearing shorts and flip flops or running shoes, and the girl with straightened, highlighted hair and makeup. They'll also be talking more loudly than anyone else in the near vicinity.

Freitag, 21. August 2009

*Pencil Cases*

Remember pencil cases? Those hard little tupperware-like things that you bought each new school year according to the latest styles?

Well check out the ones pictured on the right. Those are German pencil cases. And everyone has them (there are much prettier ones, I must say, like Lisa's). That's right, boys and girls, in Germany, pencil cases are not just for boys and girls.

I've never felt like buying an extra bag to put in my bag to carry around a bunch of pens, so every college student pulls out one of these doohickeys while I dig around in my bag for a pen that may or may not work. Hmmm. Who's missing out here?

Sonntag, 16. August 2009


Seeing as how I'm a bit of a cripple myself right now (who knew physical therapy would do that to you?) and a friend of mine who is currently a gimp just spent the last few days here, it's about time to write about crutches.

In America, most people have the crutches that go in your armpits. Very few people have the ones that you hold in your hands, and if they do, they're old guys with replaced hips or knees. Thus, I was surprised when I first saw young people in Germany using what I always viewed as old-people crutches. I thought it was just an exception until I realized no one ever had the kind of crutches I thought were normal.
I asked my friend about it, and he said that the armpit ones must be very uncomfortable. I wonder which ones help you to stand up the straightest.

Sonntag, 9. August 2009

*First Day of School and Zuckertüten*

In Germany, the first day of school for six-year-olds is a huge deal. Extended family comes to town, the kids are congratulated in front of everyone at church, the primary congratulates them too, but best of all, they get these enormous "Zuckertüten" from everyone. They're colorful, cone-shaped paper that holds all sorts of goodies, from small toys to money to candy.
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