Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2008


Somehow Germany is stuck in the days where there is not heating in the walls. Instead, they have those little heating systems (usually located under the windows) that have to be turned up and down. They make weird noises and they command a lot of time every day. The bigger picture is to show you how the heat is adjusted (as an American, I always turn it up the highest it goes). The smaller picture has a chair in it to show how big the heaters really are.


ALex hat gesagt…

I think your blogg is great.
And Ihave to say it's funny that things we take for granted are making you ask questions ;)

Well but why we don't have heaters in the wall is explained easyly.
we dont have wooden walls with something in it, its solid stone^^

I always ask myself why do people in america built houses out of wood if their previous was destroied by a hurricane?

can you explain this?

Michemily hat gesagt…

Thanks for reading. American houses have sheet rock, not just wood. Only a small percentage of America is affected by hurricanes, and I've never been anywhere near places where people had troubles with hurricanes, so I can't answer for you. However, I'm pretty sure even stone houses wouldn't work out very well in the worst of hurricanes, and wooden houses are actually the best for earthquakes.

sommergarten hat gesagt…

Germans do not build the heating inside the walls because they don't want to heat the wall - but the air in the room. Therefor many heating systems have even some Alu-Folie-like paper behind it (to not heat the wall). Plenty of energy would be lost when heating the wall instead of the air directly!

Modern houses have those heating systems inside the ground for getting the room heated from the ground up (hot air goes up). So the Teppich is cosy warm.

(And, yes, you DO wear Hausschuhe on that, too).

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