Dienstag, 26. Februar 2008

*Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!*

Since today is my birthday, I find it fitting to talk about birthdays this time.

Birthdays in Germany are amusingly important. In my experience, birthdays become just another day after you turn 19 or so, and then the big ones are at 40, 50, 60, 80, and 90. (Don't ask me why I've never seen a 70-year-old bash.) So when I saw how important birthdays are to people in Germany, and at any age, I was a little surprised. The first two birthdays I thought were exceptions. However, I soon found a few things:

1. Never, ever wish someone a happy birthday before it's their birthday. It's bad luck.
2. Don't expect anyone to do anything on their birthday. It's their day and they don't want to get up early or go to a meeting.
3. Lots of food, friends, and family.
4. Real gifts.


Tessa Approves hat gesagt…
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Tessa Approves hat gesagt…

Hello! I found your blog very amusing, since I am also an American living in Germany. I especially could relate to the doctor entry and about the heaters and shoes! If you are interested I also try to keep a blog about my stay here. I will be sure to check back on yours!

my blog is here: http://www.tessa-enright.com

sommergarten hat gesagt…

There's more!!
When you are a kid and have to go to school at (on?) your birthday, you just have to remind the teacher, that it is your birthday today! No one will ask you a question and you won't have to do a test in front of the class!!! :)

But on the other hand it is the birthday-kid who has to bring some sweets for every classmate or even a piece of cake. That's called "einen auf den Geburtstag ausgeben." ("Ich gebe heute einen aus, ich habe Geburtstag.")

(Adults do it, too: they bring plenty of food in their offices or some tiny bottles with alcohol.)

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