Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

*BYOK and L (Kitchens and Lights)*

Apartments don't come as finished as they do in the U.S. If you move into your own apartment, you have to buy your own "kitchen," a.k.a. a long assemblage of cupboards, oven, and sink that you have to install. Fortunately, these can be secured at Ikea.

People even take the lights with them, leaving cords hanging out of the ceiling for you to connect whatever light fixture you'd like to have there.

Although I can see it's practical for fitting the apartment to your tastes, it seems kind of crazy to me to lug a kitchen around. And isn't part of the fun of moving having new fixtures, whether it be the lights or the kitchen cupboards?

German Küche

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Andromeda hat gesagt…

And closets!! My new apartment has closets and cupboards AND a a gas stove, but no oven, and no lights. Not even bulbs. Lucky we moved in summer and not winter, or we'd be eating in the dark.

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