Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

*Tap Water*

Probably the first three months I was here, and even now sometimes, I'd turn the knob of the faucet completely to the left, expecting to have to wait for it to heat up and hoping to get some warm water immediately, as is normal in Utah. However, the second you put your hands under that water, you remember quickly that here, the water's already hot, and it's hotter than Utah's water is ever allowed to get.

I asked someone once why the water was set at such a high temperature, and he said it was to protect against bacteria. Apparently they don't mind about protecting children or even ditsy adults like myself from getting burned.

Oh, another thing, another friend was surprised that I didn't let it run for a while first. He said the pipes have to clear out, but after I questioned him further about it, he said it was probably just something he was used to from old houses with lead pipes and with his new house it probably wasn't necessary. I haven't been sick yet . . . (Is that the explanation for my insanity and tiredness and loss of memory, ha ha?)

And probably most well-known, Germans don't drink water from the tap. They prefer it to buy it in bottles and with carbonation (no fun for people like me who despise carbonation). The one drinking fountain I've seen here was in a church, and one of my friends watched me use it and said, "What is that?" I miss drinking fountains, they are reminders to drink water, and free!

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sommergarten hat gesagt…

True! And not so true!
I really miss the oppotunity to drink water in official buildings like schools from a special made-for-it-tap like you can find in USA.

But: Every tap in Germany uses drinking water (otherwise it has to be signed that it is NO drinking water!). So you can go to the bathrooms everywhere and refill your bottle or drink directly from the tap.

But don't mind other people watching you with BIG eyes! Especially elderly people will warn you about the bacteria and so on...

Note: German drinking water from the tap is the best controlled nutrition! Ever!
It has no Chlor in it (tastes very good) and has even some "Spurenelemente" added.

I LOVE drinking out of the tap, it is healthy and cheap. And you don't have to carry bottles into the 5th floor.

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