Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008


Since last time I talked about a meaning-filled sound in Germany, I thought I'd share another interesting thing I noticed: when people are trying to get others to be quiet, in America they say, "Sshhh." In Germany, it's "Psshhh," which may seem like it would be more effective, but after being around a lot of students and seeing the chaos that is primary each week (I play the piano for the kids), I'm not so sure.


Franz Blood hat gesagt…

Dear Michemily,

I am a student at German School of Journalism in Munich and I am a freelance writer for www.goethe.de
I follow your blog and I like it. I am now researching for an article on Americans blogging about life in Germany. Would you like to talk to me about your blogging? As you are in Leipzig, we could do it via landline or via Skype maybe.
I am very much looking forward to her from you! My email is franziskaschwarz@gmx.net.

Best regards, Franziska

Johanna hat gesagt…

my boyfriend laughs at me all thetime when I say "Psssst"

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