Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

*Bike Ramps*

Germany has these brilliant ramps for all the people who want to
take their bikes or strollers all over. They go in and out of bike stores, up and down stairs to apartments, and to or from bridges (here is the Eiserner Steg in Frankfurt).


mephi84 hat gesagt…

originally these ramps are not designed for bikes they are made for baby buggies (but no one could use them really coz they were to cliffy), but anyway, during the time, the people found out that they also would be good to handle theire bikes so now, we also hafe these ramps also with one lane only for bikes.

but yea i like them

My Ice Cream Diary hat gesagt…

How cool. My husband, who rides his bike a lot, would love having these everywhere. (and I would love them for the stroller reason)

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