Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

*German City Gardens*

Germans love their flowers, but in the cities, they don't have the luxury of a backyard. So what do they do?

First of all, I can't even begin to describe the ascribed worth of a balcony attached to apartments. If an apartment is a piece of phooey and someone mentions that it has a balcony, no matter how minuscule, the apartment seems to have become a find in seconds, and covered in flowers, vegetables, bushes, and climbers of every kind within days.

Secondly, many people rent or buy a plot of land in an area dedicated specifically to gardens. They are fenced off and usually quite small, but they bloom beautifully and some people even have a tiny hut on the plot where they can spend summer evenings enjoying the fruits of their efforts.


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jacjewelry hat gesagt…

I am loving the idea of growing your own veggies! The tomatoes taste SO much better than store-bought. Cute picture!

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