Samstag, 7. März 2009

*Spicy Food*

Even when Germans here claim to like spicy food, I (and others, such as my Kiwi coworker) just have to laugh at their tolerance level. The sauce I made for Mike's birthday party was "pretty spicy" according to the guests. Today, our boss ordered Indian food for the four of us. The two Germans ordered spinach rice and something red with duck meat. I and the Kiwi guy ordered mango chicken and were enormously enjoying it as the Germans started to fan their faces, schluck their drinks, and use bread to neutralize their supposedly spicy food. The thing is, we tried their food, and it wasn't spicy. At all. Maybe salty, but not spicy.

I'm sure some cultures would laugh at my comparatively low tolerance level for hot foods, but today I got to be in that spot.

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