Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

*Besteck in der Geschirrspülmaschine*

I don't know if this is just a German thing, but I've noticed everyone here puts the handle down in those dishwasher silverware baskets. I think they think they'll get cleaner that way, but isn't that why there are holes in the basket, so the water can get everywhere?

Silverware in the Dishwasher

I like to put handles up so that you don't cut yourself with knives when you put them away and so your spoons and forks and other utensils don't end up with fingerprints on the part that's going to be in somebody's mouth later.

Then there are those racks at the very top of the dishwasher, where the silverware can be washed laying down. Those are cool.

Which way do you place the silverware in the dishwasher?


Sebastián Moncho hat gesagt…

My parents put the handle down, in that way the dishwater seems to clean better. But I preffer to put the handle up, from my view it's more secure.

Missy hat gesagt…

Handles down. Much safer to clean.
Hey, my husband and I move to Austria in 3 weeks. Any tips on learning German?

Kampfhirn hat gesagt…

@Missy: Which town in Austria are you moving to? (I am from Austria:-)
I have been told, the finnish language is related to the hungarian; perhaps that could come in useful on a shopping tour to Budapest :-)

@topic: I put the handle down, too. But you are right: it is a bit dangerous to handle very sharp kitchen knifes this way.

eclaires hat gesagt…

I put the handle down on forks and spoons. But I put knives in handle up, so that it's less dangerous when I pull them out. Then I'm also just careful to pull forks and spoons out by their handles instead of their eating surfaces.


Funny observation.

Omgirl hat gesagt…

My family always put them prong side/blade side up growing up. I think for the same reason, my mom thought they'd get cleaner. For me it depends on the dishwasher. If it does a good job, down is better so you don't impale your hand. But I've had a couple dishwashers that just performed way better with the pokey sides up. (also, my current silverware is very narrow at the handle, so my old dishwasher's holes in the utinsil caddy were so big that the silverware would go through the holes when it was handle down). So I've gotten in the habit of putting the silverware prong-side down now.

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