Freitag, 3. Februar 2012


See the example above (ignore the misspelled word for now)? German doesn't use apostrophes, though all the English that is taught in German schools has influenced that. Unfortunately, Germans' use of apostrophes in both English and German is just about as confused as the use of apostrophes in America. The only difference is that a lot of Germans tend to type them (whether correct or not) the wrong way, even though German keyboards are actually capable of ´ and ` and '. Most word processors will change the single quotation marks around words (such as in the case of 'word') to be at the correct angle anyway, so the straight up and down apostrophe symbol should be used in place of the grave accents and acute accents. This goes for contractions, too. "I`ve had a wonderfull day!!" should be "I've had a wonderful day!!" More info here.

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