Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

*Handys and Landlines*

Cell phones, or "handys" as they're called (yes, it's an English word), are on funny systems here. I think it's proof that companies have made things up to make more money--calling a cell phone costs more than calling a normal landline. This threw me off when I was in Kiel and I ended up having to mail money to my roommates. There's no reason it should be more expensive. Landlines can call landlines free-of-charge, but most handies are on a per-call charge unless they want to pay exorbitant amounts for monthly plans. I find the whole thing ridiculous, so I just try to never call anyone. I'm a bigger fan of internet communication anyway, as you hope people will give your writing the benefit of the doubt for having a positive tone. My handy is purely for people to call me who find it worth it to pay for it. Maybe that's a double standard, but it's not my choice if they call me, is it?

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