Dienstag, 5. August 2008

*Wedding Rings*

In light of me being at a wedding recently, let me point out that Germans wear their wedding rings on the right hand. A ring on the left hand means they're engaged. And wedding rings are very plain. They can't be described as "rocks." They are bands, sometimes with an itsy bitsy diamond in the band--no setting, it's that small. Of course, to make things more confusing, a lot of younger Germans are doing it the other way around.


the Albino Bowler hat gesagt…

I like what I see here. I noticed you are a Ben Folds fan. Me too. I just wrote a piece about Ben Folds and the Australian bogans. I've got some live video footage I'm pretty sure you will dig.

Brandon Darnell hat gesagt…

That's an interesting piece of information. I never noticed it in Germany, but will look for it in December, when I return (If I can find people not wearing gloves).

How was your trip to California?

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