Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

*Emergency Vehicles*

This is what a German ambulance sounds/looks like:

This is what a German police car sounds/looks like:

Quite honestly, I don't even remember what they sound like in the U.S. So I looked that up too:

American police car:

American ambulance:

Now that I've heard both of those, I think they have the same siren. Is that true? I never noticed before. Maybe we should take a look at fire trucks? Ah, yes:



I think I'd rather get out of the way of the American fire truck, with that annoying honk.


SHUO hat gesagt…

I'm so envious of you because I was meaning to study in Germany.

It seems you spend a lot of time on this blog. It's a good blog. Keep it up!

Greeting from China!

Sebastián Moncho hat gesagt…

Even if they look or sound different... both are awful an make a lot of noise XD

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