Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

*Someone Else's Comparisons*

Check out this post for some American/German comparisons (some are ones I've mentioned before).


chelseyandmatt hat gesagt… Kind of cool. I didn't know you had this other blog- so I found it and said, oh cool, someone else has some comparisons- then I saw my blog! Then I proceded to read Every last thing that you have posted (ok, I haven't finished yet) But I love this!! Everything you say are things I have been noticing! How are you? I see that you are going home for Christmas. We are having Thanksgiving with a family in our ward on Friday who is American- they live in Halle. Interested?

Selina hat gesagt…

Hey! I just recognized your blog and I think it’s really interesintg what you write! I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my reading list on my blog. I’m a German exchange student in Memphis and write about the cultural differences between America and Germany. I think the readers of my blog could be also interested in your topic. It’d be cool if you have a chance to link to my blog on your site, too. (
Have a good week and a happy holiday!

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