Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

*Christmas Market*

Going to the Christmas market is one popular activity at Christmas time. People will claim that it's mostly a tourist thing, but then they ask each other if they've gone yet, tell stories about what they saw and bought and ate there, and arrange new get-togethers to explore the treasures that can be found there.

There are tall tables where people stand around drinking Glühwein.

are some of my pictures from last year in Dresden, and here I am in Leipzig 2 years ago.


C N Heidelberg hat gesagt…

It must be more popular with locals where you are. :) Ours has a lot of students standing around every night since it's right by the university. But my German coworkers go maybe once all year out of some sense of duty. In my classes in Mainz it was worse. I thought we should all go sometime and arranged it. Everyone stood around looking seriously uncomfortable, complained about the decorations being kitschy (not a positive comment in Germany), and didn't eat or drink anything!! Boo! We go all the time, it's a convenient place to grab some food if we're feeling lazy, which is often in December!

Omgirl hat gesagt…

I know I'm four months late on this comment, but just seeing the title of your post made me SO nostalgic for Weinachtsmarkt! I have such fond memories of wandering through the magical Christmas Market in Ulm. I bought some really cool stuff, ate some great Wurst, and just revelled in how quaintly, quintessentially German the whole experience was.

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