Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

*Cheesy Things*

Another thing I can't figure out: how can a people well-known for their cleanliness, and their love of nature, simplicity, and logic be such lovers of all things cheesy?

It started with an engineer friend of mine who likes all those motivational emails and cartoon images. Then I noticed the plethora of songs and pictures with cartoon animals and such.

One day I saw a very nice, modernish kitchen with a huge, framed movie poster of Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley) on the wall. It's not Branson stage stars (Grandpa, hint, hint), but it's not what I would ever allow to be posted in a kitchen that is otherwise quite normal.

Let's start with their use of napkins for decorations.
That's right. Paper napkins. Useful, but not classy.

Then the fake flowers that remind me of old grannies.

And the stickers of animals sledding posted on the sides of the tram during Christmastime.

But this cheesiness sure does make you feel good when they send you birthday wishes. Instead of the normal "Happy birthday. Sincerely, ______," it's "I want to send you the best of birthday wishes. I hope this day is very special and that the next year will bring you much joy and success." Yada yada.

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Melissa hat gesagt…

I guess bad taste knows no bounds!:)

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