Freitag, 2. Januar 2009

*Cooking Ingredients*

There's something different about the cooking ingredients here, I am telling you. I'm pretty sure it's the flour. This is what my bread dough looks like, every time, no matter how much flour I add. It is so sticky that I have to scrape it off of whatever it touches, including my hands, and it has ruined many an innocent sponge trying to clean up the damage.

You should see me trying to form it into flat portions to make scones--it's a joke. And cookies? Forget it!

Whatever I make always still tastes and looks alright, though. That's a relief.

Oh, and just a side note: I find it funny that yeast and baking powder come in little packages, and the recipes actually call for the packages instead of a measurement. Helpful when you have a box of baking powder someone gave you. A package, huh?

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sommergarten hat gesagt…

I've the very same problem with american or britsh recipes:

Where the h*** is the baking powder? When to add it??
- Answer: It is already inside the flour!
- Whaaaaat?? Not in Germany. We have flour in our flour. Nothing else! ;)

By the way: one package of baking powder is about one tea-spoon.

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